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17 mayo 2019

Flood in Paraguay

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Ubicación del Evento:Paraguay
Fecha de Activación de la Carta:2019-05-17
Time of Charter Activation:17:06
Time zone of Charter Activation:UTC+02:00
Solicitante de la Carta:Secretaria de Emergencia Nacional (SEN)
Activation ID:609
Gestión de Proyecto:AEP

Heavy rainfall across Paraguay has resulted in rising water levels, with swollen rivers bursting their banks. The most affected department is Distrito Capital, with the northern communities of Presidente Hayes and Alto Paraguay also badly impacted with at least 6 people being killed.

A national emergency was called as flood waters rose cutting off rural towns. The high level of water is preventing relief teams and much needed medical aid from coming in. 

In the city of Pilar flooding has affected more than 90 percent of the population. Temporary shelters in Asuncion have been made available, though water and sanitation are a concern until aid supplies arrive.

Weather forecasts are predicting drier conditions, although the southern sections of the Paraguay river are susceptible to flooding over the coming days as the northern flood waters travel south.



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